Today's Homework and Lessons
Today's Lessons - Tuesday, Dec. 11:
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In G1, students reviewed the homework on prime factorization and practiced at their seats.  We also solved problems as a class:  identifying prime factorizations, finding the composite number from a prime factorization, and finding composite numbers from two or more prime factorizations through addition or subtraction.

Tomorrow, G1 will complete a graded seat assignment on the same.

G2 completed a graded seat assignment on prime factorization.  Afterward, we discussed how to find the GCF for two composite numbers.  That skill will help in reducing or simplifying fractions:


In science, both groups discussed momentum and inertia.  Momentum is defined as mass in motion; anything that has mass and is in motion - has momentum.  Momentum depends on two things- the object’s mass and its velocity. 

When is a bowling ball more dangerous than a bullet? – when the bowling ball has more velocity, of course!  In fact, mass is more important to the bowling ball and velocity is more important to the bullet.  The bullet needs velocity to be dangerous; the bowling ball’s mass makes it rather menacing at any velocity.

We also learned about the idea of inertia.  How is inertia related to momentum?  Inertia -or the amount of mass an object has - is the idea that an object at rest will resist a change in its state of rest and an object in motion will resist a change in its motion.  An object at rest has inertia but will resist motion – without motion the object has no momentum; however, an object in motion will resist a change in its motion until another force acts on it – momentum is mass in motion and will resist all attempts to stop its motion.

Homework:  Tuesday, Dec. 11:

  Math: Group 1:  Prime Factorization
worksheet  - only
one side

Group 2:   Using prime factorization to
find the GCF and
reduce/simplify fractions -
five problems

ScienceMomentum and Inertia
due Friday, Dec. 14 -
write two questions with