We are using several different tools to push our limits in math!

Math 4 Today-These are weekly sheets completed in homeroom as morning work and discussed in class.  Each Friday a M4T test is given with the opportunity of earning TEN extra points for checking work or for using strategies covered in class.  M4T tests comprise 30% of the students' math grades.

Math Skills-Using the SC Standards, our CPE fifth grade math team has created week-long study units. These standards are introduced and reinforced with games, Smartboard lessons, projects, and traditional drills.  Tests are given to measure mastery and comprise 70% of math grades.

Math Stars-This optional worksheet program allows students to think creatively and independently while solving problems specifically on their levels.  Points are earned by correct answers shown and a prize will be given to the quarterly winners!

Algebra I-Students easily working beyond fifth grade standards will be invited to participate in a self-paced Algebra I program throughout the year. This is not graded.