Math and Science Objectives
 The state education department has modified the national Common Core.
It has developed new state standards that are similar to the national Common Core.
Stay informed.
Quarter 2018
Completed...still discussing

decimal place value:  understanding decimal numbers, writing decimal numbers into fractions, fractions into decimal numbers, writing decimal numbers into words, writing decimal numbers and their fraction equivalents from pictures., number theory:  divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers - definitions and identifying using divisibility rules, prime factorization, using prime factorization to find greatest common factor, addition properties, adding/sub. whole and decimal numbers,
multiplying whole and decimal numbers - one and two digit multipliers, dividing whole and decimal numbers, one and two digit divisors....


2nd Quarter 2018
Completed...still discussing

forces and motion:  gravity, friction, and electromagnetism; weight vs. mass, microgravity, define motion, speed (how to calculate using rate, distance, and time), velocity, acceleration (no math, just definition), momentum and inertia, Balanced and Unbalanced forces, Newton's Three Laws of Motion, friction, how to reduce friction...