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About me:Beckham family

I love teaching! I have been teaching art at Pinckney Elementary since 2002 and every year seems to be better than the last one! I am a Nationally Board Certified Art teacher and I will finish my Master’s Degree in Education in April of 2013. In college I studied architecture and graduated with a B.S. in Design from the College of Architecture at Clemson University in 2000. I worked as an architect for two years before feeling called to do something that would make a more profound difference in the lives of others. Outside of teaching I still design houses and I am a licensed home builder. Despite those other interests, my passion is working with kids and sharing with them the joys of making art! Education runs in my family. My mother is the principal of Wando High, my sister and brother-in-law are educators, and my wife is a Spanish teacher at Jennie Moore Elementary. We have been blessed with three wonderful children! I look forward to the day when I can teach them at Pinckney! During the school year we stay very busy and we spend our summers at the beach, traveling, and enjoying time with family.