Today's Homework and Lessons
Today's Lessons –  Tuesday, Jan. 16:
No Updates on Fridays

Our time for math and science instruction was reduced; students completed the winter reading MAP today.  We began at about 8 AM and were done at 11 AM.

In math, G1 students reviewed and practiced one digit divisors with fraction remainders.  G2 learned how to divide with one digit divisors and report the quotient as a decimal number – no fraction remainder. We do this by writing a decimal point in the dividend, write a zero, and continue to divide.  Students were required to write a decimal quotient to the hundredths place.  Organization and neatness are essential.  Patience and resolve help, too! 

Students in G1 reviewed the science crossword and turned it in.

Homework:  Tuesday, Jan. 16:

Math: Group 1 - One digit divisors
with fraction remainders worksheet

 Group 2 - One digit divisors
with decimal quotitents worksheet

Science:  None