Today's Homework and Lessons
Today's Lessons: Tuesday, March 20
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In math, G1 reviewed the homework on multiplying whole numbers by fractions.  Afterward, we discussed how to solve word problems using that skill.

Roger bought 24 new books.  He wants to read 1/8 of the books by the end of the month?  How many books will he have to read?  Think:  What is 1/8 of his new books or what is 1/8 of 24?

1/8 x 24/1 = 24/8 or 24 divided by 8 = 3 or 3 books.

G2 reviewed the homework on multiplying whole numbers by fractions and associated word problems.  Next, we completed a graded seat assignment on the same.  Afterward, we learned how to multiply two fractions that are less than one and used a pictorial model to understand why the product will be less than the factor fractions:

2/3 x 3/4 = 6/12 or 1/2


The brown intersection of both fractions shows 6/12 or 1/2.  Notice that the product is less than both factors (2/3 and 3/4).

In science, both groups completed notes on cell facts and G1 watched a few short videos: 

an amoeba eating two paramecia, bacteria dividing from one cell to 5000 x 1 billion x 1 billion or 5 septillion bacteria cells after one hour of dividing, and why you should clean your cell phone of bacteria everyday.

Homework: Tuesday, March 20:

Math: Group 1 -  My Math textbook
page 729-730, #1- #11
Do not do #10

Group 2 - My Math textbook
pages 735 #2 - #11

Science:  NONE