Math and Science Objectives
 The state education department has modified the national Common Core.
It has developed new state standards that are similar to the national Common Core.
Stay informed.
Quarter 2018
Completed...still discussing

  place value to the trillions, our base ten number system, number forms:  standard form, expanded form, short word form, written form,  multiplying with powers of ten, dividing with powers of ten, base ten and exponents, scientific notation, exponents with different bases, square numbers and roots


  1st Quarter 2018
Completed...still discussing

cells:  animal/plant cells and their organelles, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, individual, populations, communities
limiting factors as biotic and abiotic, food chains and food webs, transfer of energy in food pyramids, predator/prey, host/parasite, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore relationships