Math and Science Objectives
 The state education department has modified the national Common Core.
It has developed new state standards that are similar to the national Common Core.
Stay informed.
Quarter 2018
Completed...still discussing

add/sub. unlike denominators, multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, line plots and fractions, perimeter, area of squares/rectangles, area of parallelograms, area of triangles, (maybe trapezoids and circles), volume of cubes and rectangular prisms, and compound cubes and rectangular prisms, reading and writing algebraic equations, function tables, linear equations and graphing lines, four quadrant coordinate planes, metric system, classifying quadrilaterals and triangles (by their angles and lengths of sides)


  4th Quarter 2018
Completed...still discussing

Cells and Ecosystems: 
cells:  plant and animal; organelles: cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chromosomes, vacuole, cytoplasm, mitochondria, chloroplast, limiting factors as abiotic and biotic , ecosystems classified as aquatic and terrestrial, characteristics of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems,  food chains, food pyramids and decomposers